Why play turbo games by Spribe


The Spribe Turbo games are popular in Winz and several other online casinos. They offer exciting gameplay, big winnings, and original features, taking them a notch higher in the gambling industry.

What are turbo games by Spribe?

The Spribe’s Turbo set is a new generation of instant online casino games. The Turbo list of the Winz casino has nine games. Some are advanced versions of rare online casino gambling like Dice or Keno. Others have unique gameplay, like Aviator or HotLine.


Aviator is a multiplayer bet game. The play screen shows a plane taking off, falling after a certain random position. The player’s goal is to place a bet with a lower multiplier than the crash attitude. 


The game is set on a field with hidden stars and mines. A player needs to open by clicking maximum stars avoiding mines. The number of opened stars determines the bet multiplier and increases the winnings.


The game imitates dice dropouts in land-based casinos. The player’s goal is to choose a bet that will be neither lower nor higher than the current number of dice. A player can choose winning odds from 0-99.99%. 

Mini Roulette

Spribe’s mini roulette is a simplified version of land-based casino roulette with 12 numbers instead of 36. A player may bet on exact numbers, red or black cell, even or odd, numbers of the 1-6 or 7-12 field.


HiLo aims to predict whether the next card ranking will be lower or higher than the current one. Each guess is paid with a multiplier which depends on the current card rank and may exceed 50x.


The game contains a resizable peg field and three multiplier rows from lower (green) to highest (row) volatility. By clicking a proper colored button, a player activates the necessary multiplier row and drops a ball that must pass through the peg field. This game has an outstanding multiplier range from 0.1 to 353x. 


The Goal’s gameplay is similar to the Mines’ one. A player must pass the ball across the field of hidden mines in 7 steps, and each step line contains 1 of 5 mine cells. Players may cash out after each step, but the multiplier will gradually increase if they don’t. 


Keno is a lottery in which a player needs to predict up to 10 numbers of 36. A bet is multiplied by the number of corresponding numbers guessed by the player. 10 of 10 balls mean 100x multiplier and jackpot.


HotLine is a game with an endless line of red and black tiles with a few hot orange ones. The aim is to guess a color of a tile pointed by a selector arrow. The right choice means 2x for black and red tiles and has almost 50% odds. Orange tiles are extremely rare and have a 32x multiplier.

Turbo games winning tips 

The Turbo games specifics determine three common efficient playing tips:

  • To play longer, choose lower multipliers. They have higher odds. 
  • Use previous results to predict numbers or card rankings in the current round.
  • Turbo games require a fast reaction and a sober mind to make the right decision.

How to play turbo games for free

At Winz casino, all nine Turbo games may be played for free by this mini-guide:

  • At the Winz casino’s official website, go to the “All games” section.
  • Type the game name in the search box. 
  • Click the game’s icon.
  • At the upper menu of the new flash screen, find “Play for real” and choose “No”.

Spribe software developer overview

Spribe provides innovative online casino and betting games of the highest quality. It strives to advance the future of gambling by adding extra software features, widening players’ capabilities, and improving the user interface per evolving clients’ needs.

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