What will I do with the money I received from Medium today? | by Mr. Plan ₿ | Coinmonks | Sep, 2023


Mr. Plan ₿

Now that August is over, I expected Medium to inform me that they have paid me for my contributions.

About $45 landed in my bank account after taxes of 30% were deducted.

For most people, this is not a huge sum of money, but for me, it is the start of a long road that will one day become my livelihood from my passion.

Many peoples ideal use for this sum is a night out with friends that includes champagne or maybe a new designer t-shirt.

Since achieving my goal of financial independence requires prudently investing my income, I cannot afford to waste any of it.

So, all $45 will be used to buy Apple stock, which is now trading at about $180. I think that at the price it is at now with these $45 I will make a decent return in 10 years by investing in this company.

Perhaps many will wonder why I didn’t purchase Bitcoin while it was also at discount. The reason is that I put in Bitcoin $100 at the start of the month, and if the price holds steady, I’ll put in more at the end. The focus today is on Apple.

My advice to you is to learn every $ earned so that in the long run it will bring you a considerable income.

Let me know if you like reading posts of this kind, and I’ll provide monthly updates on how I spend the money I earn from my side hustle.


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