Unlocking Financial Freedom: The Rise of Million-Dollar Crypto Giveaways | by Golden Trades | Coinmonks | Sep, 2023


Let’s talk, as always, about the basics that everyone should have in their arsenal.

Golden Trades
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Now the Stark shill has taken over the entire community. I would even say it overshadowed L0. Let’s consider that I reminded everyone about the gem and became the only believer among atheists who say there are no technologies here.

Let’s begin with the fact that smart moves against the crowd, so I started focusing on Stark. Everyone thinks L0 will drop, and I’ll switch to ZK/STARK, but as usual in the market, the crowd is mistaken.

We dug up more new information from the deployed token contract, and in the holders, we found the contract, even though it was clear that the first unlock would be approximately a year later, and the information confirmed it — November 30th. If the team follows the roadmap, we can expect the token to arrive this year.

Starkware has two products: Starknet and Starkex.
There was a user snapshot of StarkEx — Dydx (gave out 310–10,000 $DYDX per account, 1k-10k + $), IMX (gave out many drops for the NFT market, CoinList sale 30x).

I also want to add that Paradigm, the super fund, participated in all rounds, because in the projects they entered, there is the highest chance of a drop by status.

And one more thing for those who use Dmail: 5% of transactions in the entire network belong to Dmail, so that there are no regrets if these transactions are not counted later.


The entry threshold for the project keeps rising due to the large number of wallets.

2/3 of the tokens will be distributed to the community, meaning a 100% airdrop. The question is how they will distribute it to such a large number of wallets.

There are two options: either they will provide a basic reward for active accounts with 500k+ users at $500 each, which amounts to less than $300 million in total. Let’s take a good account that will definitely be eligible: 50+ transactions, 3 months of activity, $10k in volume, 10 days of activity, 0.005e+ balance, 20+ contracts.

I’m using Optimism as an example because it’s similar. You can check for yourself what the criteria were for the first and the second drops, which happened recently and revealed all the future details. For example, approvals, Ether wrap volumes, and token transfers were not counted.

Additional criteria may include the use of ETH Mainnet and Snapshot, Gnosis, Multisign, and other OP-like criteria.

These are the criteria, but I think there won’t be a cut-off for 0 transactions on the Ethereum network, it will be more about the multiplier. Using Era should be enough for the basic reward for active users.

We also found information from a ZK developer that you can evaluate wallets in ZK based on their first transaction on Ethereum, how many of them there are, when there were transactions on other L2s, and so on. More food for thought.

So, if you have extra funds, make official bridges, as it adds transactions to the Ethereum Mainnet. With gas at 8–9, this results in a $1.5–2 fee. By the way, I watched while you were sleeping, 8 gwei DAO.

I don’t want to add LayerZero here because I believe we’ve covered that project, and I don’t see the point in adding more hopium.

I observe how those who put their accounts into this project are running out of money — there are no more funds for warming up and accounts in Starknet for diversification.

Only those who raised funds from Arbitrum and initially calculated R/R survived.

Well, natural selection. New deposit, new life!

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