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The U.S. doesn’t request immoderate much integer currency, said the Securities and Exchange Commission main Gary Gensler, arsenic his bureau sues Binance and Coinbase for operating unregistered securities exchanges.

In an interrogation with CNBC connected Tuesday, Gensler denied claims his attack was muddying the ineligible presumption astir crypto, and besides suggested determination were parallels betwixt his lawsuit against Binance Chief Executive Officer Changpeng “CZ” Zhao and the transgression lawsuit against FTX laminitis Sam Bankman-Fried.

“We don’t request much integer currency… we already person integer currency, it’s called the U.S. dollar,” Gensler said. “We person not seen, implicit the centuries, that economies and the nationalist request much than 1 mode to determination value.”

Gensler volition question to beryllium that the thousands of tokens tradeable connected 2 of the biggest crypto venues lucifer concern contracts that should person been registered with his agency, alternatively than specified means of payment. “All we person to amusement is that 1 of them is simply a security, and they should beryllium decently registered,” helium said.

“There’s been clarity for years,” astir the quality of securities law, Gensler added, brushing disconnected concerns that crypto firms person been near facing uncertain enforcement. “These intermediaries request to travel into compliance.”

Gensler said that Binance affiliate Sigma Chain “boosted the volumes and corrupted the numbers due to the fact that of the deficiency of controls,” adding that the nationalist tin “draw the parallels arsenic you wish” with the lawsuit of Bankman-Fried, who is presently awaiting proceedings for charges including fraud, to which helium has pleaded not guilty.

Gensler doubled down connected those comments during a Bloomberg TV interrogation aboriginal connected Tuesday.

“There’s parallels present to the FTX fraud manipulation that we saw and [what the U.S. has alleged] against Sam Bankman-Fried, wherever helium had a sister organization, Alameda, and the peculiar arrangements with that trading level FTX,” Gensler told Bloomberg TV.

He added, “You spot level aft level [where] the entrepreneurs down the platform[s] besides are trying to physique wealthiness for themselves and their investors, [whether] done sister organizations, hedge funds, trading against the customers oregon adjacent even arsenic it relates to…dealing against their customers.”

Gensler noted that the crypto manufacture needed to amended its compliance and disclosure “if it’s going to person immoderate occurrence going forward.”

“Without that this full country stands astatine chances of collapsing similar a location of cards,” Gensler said connected Bloomberg TV.

The SEC’s suit does not allege fraud by Zhao, but asks for civilian penalties alongside a imperishable prohibition connected him acting arsenic an serviceman oregon manager of immoderate securities issuer.

Additional reporting by Eliza Gkritsi and Sandali Handagama.

UPDATE (June 6, 16:21 UTC): Added comments from Gensler connected Bloomberg TV.

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