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Jennifer Kate

In recent years, the world of business has witnessed a transformative phenomenon — tokenization. This innovative process involves the conversion of real assets, such as real estate, works of art, and even company shares, into blockchain-based digital tokens. This groundbreaking technology has gained significant traction among Brazilian companies from diverse industries, offering them the potential to enhance their operations and create fresh investment opportunities.

The Versatility of Tokenization

Oliveira Trust: Pioneering Trust Services and Fund Management
Oliveira Trust, a digital financial platform specializing in trust services and fund management, is among the early adopters of tokenization in Brazil. They have recognized tokenization as a game-changer in the securitization market. To fully capitalize on this evolving landscape, the company made a strategic investment in Liqi, an asset tokenizer.

But that’s not all; Oliveira Trust has taken a multifaceted approach. They also assumed the role of custodian for investors’ portfolios and the assets that underlie these digital tokens. Moreover, the company has ventured into Bee4, a trading environment exclusively designed for tokenized company shares. Oliveira Trust serves not only as an investor but also as an accountant, ensuring meticulous control over token ownership and asset custody.

Elo: Bridging the Future of Payment Technologies

Elo, a renowned Brazilian card company, has its eyes set on the future of payment technologies, and they firmly believe that tokenization is a crucial part of it. Elo envisions areas like Web3, tokenization, and cryptocurrencies as the next big trends in the payments industry. In response, they launched Elo Conecta, an open innovation program dedicated to selecting and investing in startups with 100% Brazilian DNA, focused on developing payment solutions for the local market.

Tokenization for Enhanced Security

Thales: Protecting Sensitive Data
For technology giant Thales, tokenization is not just a buzzword; it’s a means to enhance security and elevate the shopping experience for both merchants and users. Thales understands the potential of tokenization in safeguarding sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, by replacing them with non-sensitive data or identification symbols.

In pursuit of this vision, Thales has developed a cutting-edge solution known as SafeNet Trusted Access (STA). This innovative system verifies user identities through a multi-step and multi-factor authentication (MFA) process using tokens before granting access. The result is a higher level of security and peace of mind for businesses and consumers alike.

Tokenization in Sports and Entertainment

Win The Game: Empowering Fans with Gremio Sports Token
Tokenization has even entered the realm of sports and entertainment. Win The Game, a sports and entertainment company in collaboration with BTG Pactual’s cryptocurrency trading platform Mynt, introduced the Gremio sports token. This initiative, known as the Immortal Fan Pass, offers fans exclusive content, benefits, discounts, and unique experiences while allowing them to invest in their favorite sports teams.

The response to the Gremio sports token was nothing short of historic, with 200,000 units sold in less than 72 hours. This success has motivated the club to further explore tokenization, with the belief that it will revolutionize their relationship with fans.

Binance: Transforming Fan Engagement

Global blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, Binance, has tapped into the world of tokenization to provide an additional revenue stream for sports clubs. Through the trading of Santos fan tokens and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), fans can collect and use these digital assets, participate in exclusive surveys, and unlock badges and rewards based on their level of participation. The partnership with Santos has already introduced NFTs and Mystery Boxes, creating a buzz among fans.

Tokenization Meets Art and Sustainability

Nestlé: NFTs for a Cause
Nestlé, the global food and beverage conglomerate, has taken a creative approach to tokenization. They’ve introduced an exclusive NFT collection featuring nostalgic cards from the Surpresa chocolate brand, beloved in the 1980s and 1990s. This initiative not only combines art and nostalgia but also supports the NGO SOS Mata Atlântica, contributing to sustainability efforts.

The NFT collection is a collaboration with five Brazilian plastic artists: Helena Cintra, Larissa Constantino, Rômolo D’Hipólito, Carla Barth, and Vilson Vicente. Each artist brings their unique style and environmental perspective to the works, infusing them with personality and meaning. Proceeds from the NFT sales go directly to support the NGO’s vital work.

Tokenization for a Greener Future

Ambipar Ambify: Offsetting Carbon Emissions
In the era of environmental consciousness, Ambipar Ambify has harnessed the power of tokenization for a greener, low-carbon economy. Their Utility token, ABFY, connects both companies and individuals to the goal of reducing the effects of climate change. This innovative project enables the calculation of carbon footprints and provides a simple, transparent, and secure method for offsetting CO2 emissions.

ABFY operates on the BEP-20 network for block validation, making it accessible to a wide range of users through various Brazilian cryptocurrency brokers and even foreign brokers. By investing in ABFY tokens, individuals and organizations alike contribute to a more sustainable future.

Launch your own Asset Tokenization Platform to Generate Profitable Revenue

The Asset Tokenization market is ripe with opportunities, and Brazilian companies have already started reaping the rewards. By launching your Asset Tokenization Platform, you can position yourself as a key player in this emerging industry. The potential revenue streams are diverse, from platform fees and tokenization services to trading commissions and custodial solutions.

Steps to Launch Your Asset Tokenization Platform

1. Market Research
Begin by conducting thorough market research. Understand the specific asset classes that are in demand for tokenization in the Brazilian market. Identify potential competitors and assess their strengths and weaknesses. This research will form the foundation of your platform’s strategy.

2. Regulatory Compliance
Compliance with local regulations is paramount. Engage legal experts who are well-versed in blockchain and cryptocurrency regulations in Brazil. Ensure that your platform adheres to all necessary legal requirements to operate seamlessly in the market.

3. Technology Stack
Select a robust and secure technology stack for your platform. Blockchain technology is at the core of Asset Tokenization, so choose a suitable blockchain platform or consider building your blockchain if necessary. Security and scalability should be top priorities.

4. Platform Development
Develop the Asset Tokenization Platform with a user-friendly interface. Ensure that users can easily tokenize their assets or invest in tokenized assets with minimal friction. Implement features such as secure wallet integration and a straightforward token creation process.

5. Tokenization Services
Offer a range of tokenization services to cater to various asset classes. Whether it’s real estate, artwork, or company shares, provide comprehensive tokenization solutions that cater to the needs of your clients.

6. Security Measures
Implement robust security measures to protect both the platform and user assets. This includes multi-factor authentication, encryption, cold storage for digital assets, and regular security audits.

7. Liquidity Solutions
To attract users and investors, consider liquidity solutions such as a trading marketplace for tokenized assets. Provide a seamless and secure environment for users to trade their digital assets.

8. Custodial Services
Offer custodial services to enhance the safety of digital assets. Becoming a trusted custodian can add an extra layer of security and attract institutional investors.

9. Marketing and Outreach
Create a strong marketing strategy to promote your platform. Engage in outreach efforts to educate potential users about the benefits of Asset Tokenization. Highlight the ease of use, liquidity, and potential returns.

10. User Support
Provide excellent customer support to assist users in navigating the platform and addressing any concerns or queries promptly.

The Path to Profit

Launching your Asset Tokenization Platform in Brazil opens doors to a world of opportunities. As the market continues to evolve, your platform can position itself as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses looking to tokenize their assets or invest in tokenized assets. By offering a secure, user-friendly, and comprehensive solution, you can generate profitable revenue streams while contributing to the growth of the Asset Tokenization ecosystem in Brazil.

The time is ripe to embark on this journey and become a driving force in the exciting world of Asset Tokenization. Get ready to make your mark in the Brazilian business landscape and seize the immense potential this innovative technology has to offer.

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