This Senior Data Analyst Quits Day Job to Focus on TikTok Content Creation


Williams has branded herself on TikTok as a career strategist who helps people build wealth, and now earns a salary of about $200k a year.

Hannah Williams, a 26-year-old business management major from Georgetown University, has made headlines across mainstream media following her bold career moves toward TikTok content creation. In her full-time content creation, Williams delivers a TikTok series dubbed Salary Transparent Street that asks strangers how much money they make.

Interestingly, her TikTok account hit the ground with a huge following over a short period. At reporting time, Williams’ official TikTok account has a total of 57.2 k followers with other 777k likes. Notably, Williams has branded herself on TikTok as a career strategist who helps people build wealth.

“I knew that you don’t just have an account that is that successful that quickly, without it being monetizable in some way,” she says. “I was ready to figure it out.”

Following her quick success on TikTok, Williams and her fiance, James Daniels, have visited over 10 States in America and interviewed hundreds of people on how much they earn. As a result, the TikTok account that hosts Salary Transparent Street has brought in nearly $600,000 for the couple in less than three years.

Williams Journey Toward TikTok Content Creation Success

The 26-year-old TikTok hero explained how she struggled with salary transparency while applying for day jobs. With no kids or mortgage obligations, the couple was well poised to take over brand deals. Furthermore, Williams used her data analysis skills to outline their success possibilities.

“I knew that there were brand deals there that were very niche and perfect fits for us that might take a couple of months to figure out, but they were possibilities,” Williams says.

For instance, the couple landed partnerships with brands like Fiverr, The Knot and Cleo, a budgeting app. However, the deal maker came through in September last year when the couple signed a six-month deal with Indeed, for nearly half a million dollars.

While the couple did take risks in quoting their day job, the TikTok success has inspired many to negotiate through interviews and the salary question. Nevertheless, Williams has cautioned her followers to take calculated risks before quitting their daily jobs.

“When I quit my job, I knew that my backup plan, if I failed, was going back to my old job or going back into an industry where I had a strong career,” Williams says. “There are so many resources out there that can empower you to make a change if you want to.”

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