Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash: Embracing Financial Freedom Amidst CBDC Concerns | by Rev Cynthia Pustelak Safeth Ministries | Coinmonks | Jul, 2023


Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash: Embracing Financial Freedom Amidst CBDC Concerns

As the cryptocurrency market experiences another surge, investors are seeking opportunities to maximize profits and protect their assets. However, the rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and tokenized securities has raised concerns about potential negative consequences, including clawbacks, taxes, and intrusive monitoring. In this article, we explore how Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash, as part of Safeth’s SR Layer 2 DApp, provide a safer and more secure alternative, allowing users to avoid capital gains tax, CBDC implications, and restrictive surveillance.

1. Safeguarding Privacy and Individual Rights:
The implementation of CBDCs has sparked concerns over individual privacy, as real-time monitoring and extensive surveillance capabilities may infringe upon personal rights. In contrast, Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash within the SR Layer 2 DApp prioritize privacy, enabling users to conduct transactions with greater autonomy and without constant tracking.

2. Preserving Financial Freedom:
CBDC features such as expiry dates and real-time purchase control could limit financial freedom. Safeth’s design offers a Retail-centric approach, allowing users to interact without KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and enabling flexible financial decision-making without external constraints.

3. Protecting against Government Overreach:
CBDCs grant central authorities significant control over financial transactions, leading to concerns about government overreach. Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash operate independently of CBDCs, minimizing the risk of excessive control and potential infringements on individual rights.

4. Mitigating Systemic Risks:
CBDCs’ power to claw back funds in real-time poses systemic risks, particularly in case of errors or glitches. In contrast, Safeth’s SR Layer 2 DApp ensures a secure environment for transactions, minimizing the likelihood of improper clawbacks and maintaining financial stability.

5. Avoiding Capital Gains Tax:
Tokenized securities may be subject to capital gains tax, impacting investors’ profits. Safeth Tokens, categorized as Retail Tokens, legally differ from securities due to their retail-centric nature, offering protection against capital gains tax implications.

6. Evading CBDC Taxation:
Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash, as retail inventory products, exist independently of CBDC systems. This distinct categorization allows users to bypass CBDC taxation and retain greater control over their funds.

As the next bull run approaches, it is crucial for investors to carefully consider the implications of CBDCs and tokenized securities on their financial freedom and privacy. Safeth Tokens and Safeth Cash, as part of Safeth’s SR Layer 2 DApp, offer a comprehensive solution, safeguarding against capital gains tax, CBDC control, and intrusive monitoring. With their Retail-centric design, users can confidently engage in transactions without compromising their privacy or individual rights. By embracing Safeth’s alternative, investors can navigate the crypto market with confidence, ensuring financial security and autonomy amidst the changing landscape of digital currencies.

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