Navigating WB Soul Ecosystem: First Souldrop | by Deniz Tutku | Coinmonks | Sep, 2023


✒️As a long-time WhiteBIT user, I had the opportunity to experience firsthand and receive a prize after participating in the Testnet. I created my soul a long time ago and then received my reward following all the rules. By the way, the exchange transparently announced how the prizes would be distributed; you can find more details in their blog.

🤟For true fans and followers, the project’s team, announced on their Twitter that there is another opportunity to get a SoulDrop reward:

1.What is SoulDrop?
SoulDrop is a marketing activity for distributing rewards. Only WB Souls with WBT in their Holding (preferably 200 or more) can participate. Rewards are calculated every 30 days and depend on the level and quantity of WBT in the Holding. They are available only to users who have retained their holding amount visible in the WB Soul settings.

2.What is the uniqueness of WB Soul?
WB Soul is a unique feature that WhiteBIT created while working on its own WB Network blockchain. Soul allows you to recreate your identity on the blockchain without revealing any personal information, acting as a kind of ID.

3.What is the WB Soul Ecosystem?
The WB Soul Ecosystem is a Web3 service implemented on the WB Network. The service expands the capabilities of WhiteBIT users through its own blockchain. The WB Soul Ecosystem allows you to recreate a user’s identity in the WB Network blockchain through WB Soul and characterize it according to your account.

At the center of everything is the heart of WB Soul. The WB Soul Ecosystem consists of two main components: Soul and its attributes. The core of the ecosystem is governing smart contracts known as the registry. They play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and integrity of the entire WB Soul Ecosystem, facilitating the creation of new Souls, managing the connection of user wallets to Souls, and setting rules for creating new Soul attributes and SoulBound tokens (SBT).

1) Creating WB Soul on WB Network already provides users with numerous benefits. As use cases expand and evolve, these assets will also grow.

2) All in one place: You can easily link your wallets to the blockchain by attaching them to Soul.

3) Trust in anonymity: Thanks to Soul’s features, you can trust people you know little about. WhiteBIT is responsible for issuing reliable Souls, acting as an identity verifier.

4) Reward distribution: Those holding WBT in Holding on WhiteBIT can participate in regular reward distributions, sharing profits and adding bonuses that the exchange strives to provide to the thriving community and encourage active participation.

From a technical distribution perspective, exchange rewards are implemented through a smart contract that ensures the security of the distribution process. The SoulDrop contract operates on an accumulation principle, meaning that the reward accumulated in the previous period becomes part of the WBT holding for calculating the subsequent reward. In other words, the more you hold, the more you receive for your loyalty and dedication to the project.

The team presents the SoulDrop mechanism, which is user-oriented, allowing each WB Soul user to independently claim rewards from the SoulDrop contract. To collect the reward, WB Souls users can initiate the process by calling the Write function on the SoulDrop contract. The contract is designed to allow reward collection to any address associated with the user’s WB Souls, except for those that have been unlinked.

On the WhiteBIT blockchain’s own Twitter, the team has already announced that users who have met all the SoulDrop conditions, the project is launching a new activity that will take place from September 4th to September 15th:

📝Guide to obtaining SBT from the First Claim special collection:

*ss — screenshot

WhiteBIT’s WB Soul ecosystem represents a groundbreaking leap in the world of blockchain technology. By offering users the ability to migrate their identities to WEB3 through the WB Network, WhiteBIT has opened up a realm of possibilities that extend far beyond traditional cryptocurrency exchanges.

WhiteBIT remains committed to transparency and user satisfaction, it’s no surprise that the platform has garnered a devoted following. The recently announced event is another testament to their dedication to rewarding and engaging their users.

So, whether you’re an existing WB Soul user or considering joining this innovative ecosystem, the opportunities are vast, and the rewards are real.

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