EMC Weekly Update(4th September)


Technical Update:

  • Backend interface restructuring completed, optimizing the overall model upload and review process.
  • Added Gallery feature to each model for users to share their generated works and prompts.
  • Streamlined the image creation process, allowing users to generate images without manually selecting nodes.

Market Update:

  • Invited to participate in the GMA gaming community Twitter livestream, discussing pain points in WEB3 gaming projects. The main topics include addressing the project’s current major pain points (whether it’s funding or user acquisition) starting from our own project. We will also talk about the measures the project has taken to accumulate users and traffic, as well as explore other avenues for generating external income beyond early-stage investments.
  • Collaborating with Hashkey to launch an interactive participation campaign. Users who complete the KyC verification have a chance to receive rewards ranging from 20 to 100 HSK. HSK is a HashKey ecosystem token based on the standard ERC-20 protocol, providing incentives for the entire HashKey ecosystem.

Community Update:

  • Invited several guests, including WEB3CN observer Callum, ORC-CASH protocol founder Sonic, and EMC co-founder Alex, to host a special AMA session. The discussion will revolve around the development direction of RWA, the use of computational power and AI models, and how to monetize through EMC HUB.
  • The first edition of the EMC HUB daily image generation challenge for September is now live. The theme for this edition is “Nostalgic Journey,” encouraging users to generate nostalgic-themed artworks using the models.

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