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Mitchell Kay

Fizo Network is an innovative platform built on the Fantom Blockchain, offering a decentralized ecosystem that aims to revolutionize the way we interact with the internet. As we enter the era of Web 3.0, Fizo Network leverages the power of blockchain technology to provide a transparent and secure environment for various online activities.

By leveraging Fantom Blockchain’s high-speed and low-cost infrastructure, Fizo Network aims to address some of the limitations faced by traditional centralized systems. With its decentralized nature, Fizo Network ensures that users have full control over their data and assets, reducing reliance on centralized authorities.

In summary, by embracing transparency and utilizing smart contract technology, it offers users an opportunity to explore the vast potential of DeFi while ensuring a secure and efficient online experience.

Joining Fizo Network offers a range of benefits that make it an attractive opportunity for investors. One of the key advantages is the potential for a profit on investment, with a guaranteed profit rate of 14%. This means that by investing in Fizo Network, you can enjoy consistent and substantial returns on your investment.

Additionally, joining Fizo Network VIP club provides access to VIP income, which offers an additional 3% income on top of the profit from investments. This exclusive income stream allows members to maximize their earnings and accelerate their financial growth.

Furthermore, Fizo Network offers a lucrative 21% level income through its referral program. By referring others to join the network, you can earn a significant income based on their investments. This creates a powerful incentive for members to actively promote and expand the network, as it directly contributes to their own financial success.

In summary, joining Fizo Network presents an opportunity to benefit from a high-profit of investment with guaranteed returns of 14%, VIP income of 3%, and an attractive referral program offering up to 21% level income. By becoming part of this network, individuals can secure their financial future while enjoying multiple streams of income.

11% Direct Income on the reffered link
Example :- Suppose person ‘A’ refers his/her own referral link to person ‘B’ and then person ‘B’ deposits 13000 Fantoms by using referral link of person ‘A’ , Person ‘A’ will be benefited with 1430 Fantoms in his/her wallet which is
11 % of 13000 Fantoms.

Step 1 :- Open Trust wallet / Metamask and go to browser

Step 2 :- Paste this referral here 👇

Step 3 :- After pasting link this page will open, click 3 dots and click switch EVM network to Fantom. (Follow pictures)

Step 4:- Enter the Fantom Amount and wait 5 seconds for the Fizo token Received to show the amount , press create account .

Step 5 :- Congratulations you are now a proud Fizo Network communtiy member ,Your Dashboard will look like this 👇

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