5 reasons to buy Bitcoin


  1. Survival: Fiat currencies are near dead. Especially the Dollar. As normal, currencies evolve. Once upon a time people traded livestock for goods, then they traded gold and precious metals, then there was fiat dollars backed by gold, then… The Fiat became backed by nothing. Inflation is the same in currencies as it is in the human body, eventually it will kill you! Its a matter of when, not if!
  2. Bank fees: (Is there really an explanation needed here?)
  3. Anonymity: Privacy is key, especially for delicate matters. It is everyone's right to have privacy, and this is only truly possible with cryptocurrencies currently.
  4. World change: Stabilize the money, remove the ability to manipulate, and communities can thrive without being bled from inside by their own governments.
  5. Investment. As is often true. There are 3 types of people. 1 that watches things happen, another that makes things happen, and the 3rd that says “What happened?!”. You don't want to be the 3rd type in general, but especially in regards to the greatest transfer of wealth in recent history! As more and more people wake up to the realities of the corrupt world we live in, and those people educate other people, and teach their kids, it is inevitable that cryptocurrencies will be an unstoppable force that will surely grow monetarily as well as internationally! If you are the type person that makes things happen, you can reap the benefits of buying and holding Bitcoin before the other 99% catches on, and slowly and steadily pour their money into Bitcoin and other cryptos!

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